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two fibre craft dolls 3096 and 3196 new in packages
TWO FIBRE CRAFT DOLLS" #3096 AND #3196 New in Packages
Ending in 3h 42m 38s
Bids: 1
Shipping: $6.75
vintage baby doll shoes fibre craft 1984 fits cabbage patch kids new
Vintage Baby Doll Shoes Fibre Craft 1984 Fits Cabbage Patch Kids New!
Ending in 6h 40m 47s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
fibre craft 15 fashion doll 3096 lovely dark hair nos
Fibre Craft 15" Fashion Doll 3096 Lovely Dark Hair NOS
Ending in 6h 43m 37s
Bids: 2
Shipping: calculated
lot of 15 fibre craft pillow doll crochet pattern books leaftlets
Lot of 15 Fibre Craft Pillow Doll Crochet Pattern Books Leaftlets
Ending in 6h 57m 32s
Bids: 11
Shipping: calculated
vintage fibre craft puppy dog doll face lot of 2 look craft supplies u415
Vintage Fibre Craft Puppy Dog Doll Face Lot of 2 Look Craft Supplies U415
Ending in 1d 4h 31m 56s
Bids: 1
Shipping: calculated
lot of 12 vintage fibre craft good luck mushrooms sealed
Lot Of 12 Vintage Fibre Craft Good Luck Mushrooms SEALED
Ending in 2d 23h 15m 31s
Bids: 1
Shipping: calculated
lot of 4 vintage sealed fibre craft macrame plant hanger kits 40 inches
Lot Of 4 Vintage Sealed Fibre Craft Macrame Plant Hanger Kits 40" Inches
Ending in 3d 5h 42m 3s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
fibre craft doll house furniture
Fibre Craft Doll House Furniture
Ending in 4d 18h 42m 57s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
fibre craft make your own 22 loonee bird kit sealed
Fibre Craft Make Your Own 22" Loonee Bird Kit SEALED
Ending in 4h 47m 1s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
lot of 2 fibre craft doll patterns celeste gabrielle
Lot of 2 Fibre Craft Doll Patterns - Celeste & Gabrielle
Ending in 6h 59m 44s
Bids: 0
Shipping: $3.5
fibre craft fall formal crochet pattern fcm269
Fibre Craft Fall Formal Crochet Pattern FCM269
Ending in 5d 8h 21m 27s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
abigail fibre craft crochet patterns for 15 fashion dolls
Abigail Fibre-Craft crochet patterns for 15" fashion dolls
Ending in 11d 3h 44m 42s
Shipping: $2.5
fibre craft favorite things music box doll or 13 fashion doll
Fibre Craft "Favorite Things" music box doll or 13" fashion doll
Ending in 1d 12m 17s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
santa claus and mrs claus designs to knit from fibre craft
Santa Claus and Mrs Claus designs to knit from Fibre Craft
Ending in 1d 3h 17m 49s
Bids: 0
Shipping: calculated
cinderella fibre craft doll crochet pattern book leaflet
Ending in 15d 4h 35m 7s
Shipping: $2
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